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What is PTC?

Before joining any PTC, one must know what is PTC all about. One should have a basic knowledge about the dos and don'ts in the PTC world. One must be aware of those scam PTC sites around who takes advantage of these newbies. If you are only knew in this PTC online business, you can join in my
Trusted and Paying PTC List and Recomended Newly Opened PTCs.

What are PTC sites?

First of all PTC stand for Pay To Click. When you join PTC sites you have the possibility to become and affiliate or an advertiser on the site. As an affiliate you must click on the links provided by the advertisers. And the opposite is true for the affiliates. The advertisers pay the PTC site, then the PTC site pays you, everyone (the advertiser, the affiliate and the PTC owner) is a winner. The advertiser get more traffic to its website, the PTC site and you make money. Most PTC sites offer one cent per click and have 10 or more ads running daily. In that case, you will be earning 10 cents per day for a particular website you have joined. You would also be earning money from the clicks of your referrals. 

What are referrals?   Referrals are people signed up under you or someone you have bought. Almost all PTCs are selling referrals which registered in the PTC sites with no referrer. For every click your referrals do you earned $$. You can also get referrals by registering in vaarious PTC forums (like PTC Talk, The PTC Forum, etc.) and join their referral exchange or downline building programs. Posting of your url or banners links in your forum signature can also gain referrals. Advertising your banner or url links is also a good one but it is not advisable for those newbie and have no full knowledge of ins and outs of PTC world. 
Example of earnings: 
"You click 10 ads per day = $0.10; If you have 20 referrals and clicked 10 ads per day = $2.00" "Your daily earning is $2.10; Your weekly earning is $14.70; Your monthly earning is $63.00".

This will increase as you get more referrals! the key from making money from these PTC sites is the quantity and not the quality. If you sign up to 10 PTC sites and click with same rate, 10 clicks per day, you will earn 10 times as fast as you would on one site. Some PTC sites offer 50+ ads daily, that's 50 cents per day.These are the kind of sites you are looking for but it is rare. There are times other PTCs offer 20+ ads for free members but you have to analyze if it can sustain it or the admin can afford to pay the member from their income from advertisers' ads and sale of referrals and upgrades. The cost of ads the PTC offers should also be considered if it is competitive enough to attract more advertisers and sustain payment to its members. If not, it will end up in closing the PTC sites and scam members due to unpaid cashouts. 

Optional but recommended ways that youcan increase your earnings that most(if not all) PTC sites offer is "Premium" memberships. These memberships give you access to increase rates for your every click including income from clicks of your referrals. Premium memberships also allows member to lower payout/cashout (faster Return of your Investments). Priority in payment and offers and many more great features. You will also be in the advantage in the long term when you purchase this membership. 

Another way to increase your income faster is to buy referral packs. Every active referral is someone who works for you, gives you earning daily. 

For those who are newbie in PTC, don't give up sooner or later you will conquer the "PTC World". Goodluck to all!!!

By the way you must have either Alertpay or Paypal acount or both. If you want you can open one.


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